The impact of repealing the Affordable Care Act

Enacted in 2010 and phased in over the subsequent years, the Affordable Care Act–also known as the ACA or ObamaCare–increased both the coverage and quality of healthcare for millions of Americans. The impact of the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act is far reaching.

In a recent web clip going around Social Media, a lifelong republican asked Paul Ryan about the GOP plan. Unfortunately, the clip didn’t include Ryan’s response. CNN did include the entire clip here: Lifelong Republican to Speaker Ryan: Obamacare saved my life.

We do think it is important to include the rhetoric from both sides of the argument in order to develop a better understanding of where the opposition is. The folks at Metafilter have listed a few additional resources of well-balanced reasons behind Trump’s policies.

The new president has already started with executive orders that appear to be procedural, but appear to be making the way to grant new powers to the new Secretary of Health and Human Services. This effort to repeal is in motion without any clear plan of what the replacement might be or how it will be implemented.

Join Britni Brown O’Donnell and Alan Levine (Type 1 Diabetic covered under ACA) for a special Virtually Connecting ePatient conversation discussing the real life impact of a repeal and some strategies patients are taking to help mitigate those risks.

The ACA made health care possible for Britni and many others, such as Alan Levine who wrote the Medium post “Hey You! Don’t **** With My Unaffordable Healthcare”.

There are places in the conversation available, as well as the ability to watch the live feed below.

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Feature image By Careilly5801 (Own work) [ CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons